Anthony Weller - Architectural and Interiors Photographer

I’ve been photographing buildings my whole working life. I spent 20 years as staff photographer on a construction magazine and before that I was a photographer at a building research establishment.
As an architectural photographer I was a late adopter of the digital revolution – up until then you couldn’t call yourself a professional unless you’d lugged half a ton of large format kit to your chosen viewpoint at that critical time of day, to get that perfect image. But my aching back welcomes the new technology!
These projects are an alternative to my regular website; I’m showcasing some of the images that make interesting collections and ones that push the boundaries of my commercial work.
I still have that large format kit by the way – couldn’t bear to part with it.
I hope you enjoy looking at my images; if you want to see my regular website by the way, it's here:
Anthony Weller

All works © Anthony Weller/ Archimage 2014.
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